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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Mote CPA, P.C.?

Mote CPA is a tax and consulting firm.  We do tax planning and preparation, payroll processing and reporting, QuickBooks consulting and bookkeeping.

Mote CPA does not provide attestation services.  Attestation services are when a firm expresses a conclusion or opinion about the reliability of a written statement that is the responsibility of someone else.  The written statements are often financial statements.  Mote CPA does not produce or express an opinion on statements on which third parties, which are often creditors or investors, rely.

What does it cost to have a tax return prepared?

Our fees are a function of time and complexity. Every return is different, but to give you an estimate, most tax returns fall in the following ranges:

Taxpayers with only W-2 wages $150-175

 Taxpayers with W-2 wages and a mortgage (but no business or rental properties): $200-$300

Taxpayers with a business, rental properties or significant investment income reporting $300-$450

Entity returns (Corporations, Partnerships, etc) $400-$800

There are no “per form” fees like many franchised tax businesses charge.


What does it cost to ask a question?

Generally, nothing. I would much rather you ask me for advice before the taxable event then try to have me “fix it” afterward. If you need a consultation that involves research or more work than a simple answer, then an additional fee would apply.


What is the best way to contact you?

Email.  That way the information is already written down and is less prone to miscommunication.